Ambit Issue 238

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Ambit 238 ISSN: 0002-6972


3 Antjie Krog ‘It is rowing without a port’
7 Charlie Baylis okinawa
9 Inua Ellams Fuck / White Saviour Complex
9 Asmaa Jama Almost carnal
10 Kiare Ladner / Amy Tibbles Who’s in Your Car?
19 Philip Metres Nocturne in D-minor
20 Claire Dorsett No Pressure
30 Valzhyna Mort Music Practice
32 Anthony Anaxagorou Preparation
34 Richard Gwyn Le bâton de mon père
35 Sapphire Allard / Laurie Avon The Teacher
47 Rowland Hill Interesting Times
56 Rushika Wick The Ovarian State Orchestra
58 Judges report – Liz Berry on Ambit Poetry Competition 2019
60 Yvonne Reddick In the Burning Season
61 Jane Lovell Night Fox with Stars
62 Ella Duffy Halves
63 Donald Hiscock While Reading Ishiguro
65 Bertolt Brecht / Martin Kratz German Miserere
66 Polina Barskova / Valzhyna Mort. Catullus 68 (A) Lisbon A.D.
68 Gail Anderson When the House at the End of the Track Slipped Through the Crust of the Earth
70 Gabrielle Bates And Even After All That, No Epiphany
72 Hazem Fahmy Self-Portrait as Moses
73 Gabriel Spera Ark
75 Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal The Yak Dilemma
76 Ambit presents... Greater Manchester
86 Mona Kareem Imprisoned Windows
87 Vasiliki Smyrna
88 Kapka Kassabova Cold Water
89 Rory Waterman Easterbunny
90 Henri Cole To a Bat
91 Paul Batchelor Bang Bang
92 Christina Sanders TQ249095
93 Claudia Acevedo-Quiñones A Home is a Circle
95 Maryam Hessavi Second Day
96 Hannah Dargavel-Leafe Channel (left, right)

Artwork on cover by Claire Dorsett