Ambit Issue 239

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Ambit 239 ISSN: 0002-6972


3 Ambit 239 Editorial
4 Eileen Myles April 15
6 Charles Simic On Broom Street
8 Jeff Alessandrelli  from The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
10 Mel Pryor / Eve French Maman
19 Safia Elhillo  from Girls That Never Die
20 Zadie Xa Alter Egos
30 Randall Horton When Bullets Miss But Memory Lives
33 Maggie Butt Everything Has To Be Somewhere
34 John Greening Driving through Beeches
34 Warren Montag Silent Palestine
35 George Abraham Letter to be Reflected into the Shores of Tel Aviv after torrin a. greathouse
38 Hawa Atii Bottom Bitch
45 Tess E. McKenzie Swing song
54 Rue Baldry Dear William Carlos Williams
55 Leontia Flynn Newfoundland poem
57 Philip Gross Frosted glass
58 Denisa Vitova The Farmhouse
59 Kostya Tsolákis Nobody
60 Tom Heaton / Matilda Ellis Bread Alcohol Crab
69 A.M. Kennedy Alive in the Lake
70 David Noonan Tapestries
80 Jim Moore Today’s Meditation
81 Kyle Dacuyan Stubbornly the Century
82 Leo Boix Jamal
83 Joseph Pierson Chamber
89 Mary Ruefle Whoosh
91 Tanaya Winder Abecedarian: The Future is Indigenous
93 Jake Orbison Jeopardy
95 Helen Bowell Bear
96 Feiyi Wen The Untitled from Under the Yuzu Tree

Artwork on the cover by Zadia Xa