Ambit Issue 240

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Ambit 240 ISSN: 0002-6972


3  Yvonne Reddick Storm Petrel
7  Major Jackson A Promise of Canonization
8  Liz Berry and Tom Hicks Glasshouse Bridge
12  Pascale Petit Landscape with Vultures
13  Theresa Muñoz Prime
14  Catherine McNamara / Sammi Lynch Lake Rhapsody
22  Justin Fitzpatrick The Irradiated Age
33  Demian DinéYazhi´ WE LEFT THEM NOTHING
38  Firas Sulaiman Finally They Arrived, but in Coffins
40  Navid Hamzavi Marcel Duchamp Urinal and Tehran Contemporary Art Museum
45  Milly Peck Fine Details
54  Julian Stannard Dross
59  Duncan Hedges Peas and prophecy
60  Giovanna Iozzi Life on Earth
68  Kira Freije Studio conversation
78  Jules Gibbs Thin
79  Robert Selby Kentish Hymn
80  Will Burns Biography
81  Lachlan Mackinnon Fait divers
82  John McAuliffe Neverglades
83  S.P. Hannaway / Kitty Glavin Pecker
92  Jen Schneider Game Day
94  Sonia Hope The Ceramicist
95  Ari Banias from SPECTRA
96  Andrea del Castagno David with the Head of Goliath

Artwork on cover by Justin Fitzpatrick