Ambit Issue 241

Ambit 241 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Notes from the Editor – October 2020
4 Fred D’Aguiar Burning Paradise
14 Wang Fang Swan Song of A Bamboo Rat
15 Sayantan Ghosh / Siddhi Gupta Cities Full of Cats
21 Wendy Xu Resident Alien
22 Rose Davey and Sarah Kate Wilson Double Interview
34 Ambit 2020 Poetry Competition, ‘Cataclysm’, judged by Fred D’Aguiar with winners: Dante Micheaux (1st), SK Grout (2nd) and Roy McFarlane (3rd)
38 Julian George Kafka On the Beach
47 Show – Off A choreography of artworks
56 Sean O’Brien The Shirt of Nessus
57 David Harsent from Skin Bonne bouche
58 Hala Alyan Tonight I’ll Dream of Nadia
59 Joy Manesiotis A Short History of Anger: The Refugee as Double
61 Damyanti Biswas / Daise Rowe Silencing the Brick
67 Steph Morris Snails
67 Cynthia Miller Eurydice Video Calls Her Lover in Lockdown
68 Rose Davey, Iain Hales, Rory McCartney, Paulina Michnowska, Donal Moloney, Rob Phillips, Tessa Whitehead, Sarah Kate Wilson WhatsApp
76 Threa Almontaser The Snapping Turtles in Ta’iz Have Beards
78 Gary Budden Passage Migrants
83 Jane Hirshfield Glasses
84 Romi Jones Spat
86 Virginia Hartley Trauma in an early iteration resurfaces
88 Eleanor Penny Mercy
89 Ioannis Kalkounos Deleted Scenes from Childhood
90 Hibaq Osman Slidings doors turn off when the building is under threat
91 Caleb Femi Patrilineal
92 Adam Lowe Snapping The Stars
93 Natalie Linh Bolderston Twenty-four Ways to be Holy
94 R.A. Villanueva For My Friends, In Reply to Your Question
96 Michael Train The Story of Calvin Stoller

Artwork on the cover by Iain Hales for Show - Off