Ambit Issue 32

Ambit 32 ISSN: 0002-6972

1 Martin Bax Where Are You God
5 Paul Wilks Poems
8 Marvin Cohen Stories
16 A. E. Dudley Radio Jazz
17 Erwin Brock and Carol Annand A Cold Day at the Zoo (The Seven Days of Creation)
29 D. L. Carr Bottles
30 Vernon Scannell Poems
32 Oswell Blakeston There’s Candy still to go with it
34 Oswell Blakeston Poems
35 Patrick Hughes Drawings
38 Glyn Hughes Craft Course 24B
39 Henry Graham Poems
42 Gavin Ewart Different Snarks (Review)
44 Jack North Good Book (Review)
45 Richard Freeman Three to Read (Review)
47 Elizabeth Jennings Poems