Ambit Issue 34

Ambit 34 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Stevie Smith A Soldier Dear to Us
5 Martin Bax The Turned-in, Broken-up and Gone World
14 John Pudney Afterthoughts
15 Gabriel Levine Supergirl
18 Robert Angus Poems
20 Robert Sward / Ann Quin Living in the Present
22 Christopher Pilling Poems
24 George MacBeth The Virgin’s Prayer
26 George MacBeth and Michael Foreman The Pornography Poem
30 Jeff Nuttall A Greener Light
31 A/L/ Leiber German Interlude
32 Maurice Cockrill Poems
35 Giles Gordon Three anecdotes, four slim columes
36 Paul Wilks Reviews
38 Marvin Cohen Stories
43 The Ambit Competition Drugs and the Writer
44 Philip Hobsbaum Poems
45 Mav Franks Poems

Artwork on the cover by Michael Foreman

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