Ambit Issue 36

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Ambit 36 ISSN: 0002-6972

1 Martin Bax Happy Ambit News
4 Jack Marriott Fragment of an Autobiography
7 Alan Brownjohn Poems
 Ron Sandford Drawings
10 Barry Bowes Poems
13 Muichael Butterworth Sergeant Peppers Postatomic Skull
16 Donald Gardner Poems
18 Barry Cole Strange Porridge (Review)
20 Irene Mitchell Poems
22 Edwin Brock Black Zack versus Adam Christian
Michael Foreman The Five Rounds refereed by
28 Jim Burns Poems
31 Taner Baybars Poems
33 Vernon Scannell Not a Bad Life
34 Richard Freeman Four Poets (Review)
36 Bruce John James I Have Delusions about Things
37 Ivor Cutler Poems
39 J. G. Ballard The Great American Nude
43 Martin Bax Shorter Notes
45 Gerda Mayer Poems
47 Timothy Palmer Poems

The cover poem by Edwin Brock

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