Ambit Issue 38

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Ambit 38 ISSN: 0002-6772

1 Ambit News
4 Alan Brownjohn Ways of Dying
7 George MacBeth The Keats Imitations
 Barbara Swideska Drawings
20 John Pudney The Lutanist
23 Adam Hardwick For God's Sake, Angela
27 J. D. Wright Poems
28 Peter Porter Press to Descend
34 Paul Edwards Seaside
36 Barry Cole Refusing to Play Chess (Review)
38 Tony Connor In The Happy Valley
42 Christopher Pilling Poems
43 Martin Bax / David Trotter Shorter Notices
46 Adrian Henri The Entry of Christ into Liverpool
48 Philip Hobsbaum Poems
Drawing on cover by Mike Foreman

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