Ambit Issue 40

Ambit 40 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Stevie Smith The House of Over-Dew
10 John Horder Poems
13 Oswell Blakeston Furlough and Jason
17 Gavin Ewart Poems
20 Juan-Agustin Palazuelos The Social Worker
24 Jim Burns Poems
27 Eduardo Paolozzi Why We Are In Vietnam
35 James Raimes The Lawn sPrayer Sequence
39 Boleshlaw Taborski Poems
42 Jim Burns All in the Mind (Review)
44 Gavin Ewart Making a Language (Review)
46 Martin Bax My Mum I Luv Her (Review)
48 David Trotter Shorter Notes
49 Peter Angeles An Italian Memory
50 Henry Graham The Four seasons of Love
51 Henry Graham / Mike Foreman City At Worlds End
55 Henry Woolf Six Pieces of Solitiude
56 Stella Coleman When a Baby
57 Taner Baybars Journeyings
59 Horder reviews Jackson
60 Oliver Stallybrass Poems

Artwork on cover by Eduardo Paolozzi
With help from Robin Ray