Ambit Issue 41

Ambit 41 ISSN:  0002-6972

2 Jeni Couzyn Poems
4 George Macbeth A Christmas Ring
10 Jack Marriott Poems
12 Anselm Hollo Great Rejoicing (Review)
14 Jeni Couzyn Poem
15 David Hockney First Drafts of Grimm
18 John Farrelly My Devil
20 Ivor Cutler Poems
23 Kevin Crossley- Holland A Dream of a Meeting
24 Gavin Ewart The Flight of the Australian Wasp (Review)
25 Eduardo Paolozzi Things
33 Gordon Symes Poems
35 Gunnar Harding (Freire Wright) Poems
40 Barry Bowes Secret Society
42 John Farrelly (John Walters) The Guinea Pig
44 Philip Crick Poem
45 Barry Cole No sustenance for the hungry reviewer (Review)
47 Tony Connor Songs of Ignorance (Review)
48 Richard Furlong Poems
50 Gavin Ewart An Academic Cockroach Fights Back (Review)
55 John Matthias Poems
Artwork on cover by Mike Foreman

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