Ambit Issue 42

Ambit 42 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Josephine Clare Deutschland
6 Sandra Hochman Beth
Don Fern, Ken Cox, Jim Haldane, John Walters and Linda Kitson Drawings
19 Peter Porter The Sanitized Sonnets
23 Jennifer Dawson Poems
25 Caroline Smith Comparative Pornography - The Octopus
27 Anselm Hollo Poems
29 Thelma Libling Tombstones
31 Gavin Ewart Half a Dozen
36 Thom Gunn At the Centre
38 John E. Tranter The Visit
38 Pat Farrell Sad City (Review)
39 Gavin Ewart Poems
Mike Foreman Pictures
45 Jim Burns Underground Poets (Review)
48 B. S. Johnson Poems
49 Peter Reading Poems
51 Jim Mangnall Poems
53 Stuart Migura Poems
54 Nick Rogers Paper Cape (Review)
55 Irwin Limsky The End of the World

Artwork on cover by Mike Foreman