Ambit Issue 43

Ambit 43 ISSN: 0002-6772

1 Paolozzi and Bax Ambit News
7 Contents
9 Edwin Brock Poems
11 R. Blair The Laundry Police
13 Sharat Chandra At A Party and Existence
14 Tom and Maureen McGrath Poems
16 John Keys John Keys Is Here In Town
 John Walters Drawing
20 Malcolm Ritchie Transmission 211268-dateline the 1st Moonshot
23 Gerda Mayer Poems
24 Sarah Kirsh Sad Day in Berlin
25 Martin Bax Notes (Review)
27 Paul Wilks Poems
28 Christopher Pilling Poems
30 Computer Prayer
32 Anselm Hollo The Strider's Body (Review)
36 Henry Graham Poems
38 Gavin Ewart Laureate Versus The Rest (Review)
43 Henry Graham Brock's Book (Review)
44 Alice Notley Little Stories Of The World
46 Jannick Storm Her Five Sisters
51 John Pudney Child Of This Century
54 Letters To The Editor
55 Bolesław Taborski One Man Band (Review)
58 Jim Burns Table For Four (Review)
60 Michael Mclean Youth In Court After Vietnam Rally

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