Ambit Issue 44

Ambit 44 ISSN: 0002-6972

1 Alan Brownjohn Palindrome
4 Alan Brownjohn Poems
7 Mirko Lauer Poems
8 Ivor Cutler Us Men Are Only Little Lads At Heart
9 J. G. Ballard Mae West's Reduction Mammoplasty
11 Sarah Kirsch Sad Day in Berlin
12 Robert Sward Ann
13 Marvin Cohen Sex is for the Young. Death for the Old
14 Barry Bowes From Here
15 George Macbeth The Bamboo Nightingale
20 Rejection in Love Ambit's Science Section
21 Marvin Cohen What's Wrong with Death's Appetite These Days
23 Jeff Nuttal Still Life
25 Michael Foreman Drawings from The Atrocity Exhibition
30 Michael Benedikt Poems
32 & 33 Jim Mangnall Poems
34 Marvin Cohen The Book of the World - everything
38 Tony Connor Fragments from Uncle Harry's Notebooks
45 Jeff Nuttal The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (Review)
46 Edwin Brock "You keep the jugglers, I'll take W. S. Graham" (Review)
48 Robert Angus Poems

Artwork on cover by Michael Foreman

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