Ambit Issue 45

Ambit 45 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Eluard / Breton trans I. Limsky The Immaculate Conception
Mike Foreman Visual
5 Jim Burns Poems
9 Adam Hardwick A Period Of Mourning
17 John Pudney Take This Orange
19 John Horder Are You Conspicuously Impotent
22 Terry Bagg Poems
25 Ron Sandford Drawings
30 Emmanuel James Territorial Waters
31 R. G. Gregory Poems
35 Letter To The Editor
36 Paul Gogarty Poems
37 Peter Reading Poems
39 Douglas Hill Canadian Poetry
41 Camp Clive Curtis Put Me In Auschwitz
45 Defecation John Horder Ambit's Science Section
46 Gavin Ewart Prohibit Sharply The Rehearsed Response
50 Doug Fetherling Piltdown Woman
51 D. C. Carr Poems
Artwork on the cover by Ron Sandford

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