Ambit Issue 47

Ambit 47 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Peter Porter Poems
7 Gunar Harding Fabulous Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley
10 Josephine Clare Poems
12 Alan Riddle Bits of Concrete
14 Marilyn Hacker Elegy
16 Arthur Ellis Same Size
19 David Grubb Poems
22 Neagu'P Pictures
27 Dannie Abse Poem
29 Jim Burns Getting Together with My Friends
32 Anthony Edkins Arrested Developments
34 Gavin Ewart Voices From Overseas
39 Gavin Ewart Captain Blood
40 Daphne Richardson Poems
41 Tony Dash Small Press Pamphlets
43 Eluard Breton trans Irwin Limsky from The Immaculate Conception
48 Gavin Ewart Appearance and Reality
49 A. E. Dudley Poems

Photograph on cover by Marvin Lichtner

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