Ambit Issue 49

Ambit 49 ISSN: 0002-6772

3 George MacBeth/Michael Foreman from the Orlando Series
11 Gavin Ewart The George MacBeth Story
12 Robert Angus Poems
16 Douglas Hill Scattered Literature
17 Steve Duffy Forked Tongue
18 Robert Sward Father-in- Law
20 Marilyn Hacker Poems
21 Richard Freeman A Review of A Review of A Re-view
24 Jack Carey Poems
25 Marvin Cohen To Decide to Stop Loving Harriet
26 Asa Benveniste Drinking. Wine, Water, Milk?
27 Brian Marley Celebration
28 Henry Graham Passport to Earth
32 Marvin Cohen Blats Tales
37 John Pudney Poems
39 Michael Benedikt The Making of Love
43 Anthony Kerrigan Three from Cesar Vallejo

Artwork on cover by Ron Sandford

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