Ambit Issue 50

Ambit 50 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Edwin Brock Poems
7 Martin Bax Night Round
 Michael Foreman Drawings
19 David Hockney Drawings
23 Gunnar Harding Poems
26 J. G. Ballard The Side Effects of Orthonovin G.
28 Allan Burgis Poems
29 Earle Birney Poems
32 Eduardo Paolozzi Scripts
39 Alan Brownjohn Ode to Centre Point
42 Peter Joy Classicals - Strato
43 Arturo Laskus Drawings
46 Anslem Hollo from Moon in Which Dog Barks
48 Jim Burns Moles, Waves Songs, Newcastle Brown
51 Robert Sward Suicide
53 Jeff Nuttal from The Gold Hole
58 Duncan Forbes London
59 Gavin Ewart Poems
61 Jim Mangnall Poems
62 B. S. Johnson No I've Not
63 Pamela Beattie Epitaph
64 Henry Graham Bedtime with Kafka

Cover photo: Martin Bax, Michael Foreman, J. G. Ballard, Edwin Brock, Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Freeman all behind Euphoria Bliss
Site courtesy of the Royal Academy of Art. Photo Andrew L

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