Ambit Issue 51

Ambit 51 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 George Macbeth/Michael Foreman A Vegetable Bestiary
7 The Yellow Back Novels of Christopher Evans
12 David Grubb Poems
14 Cecil Heiman Parables
17 Nathaniel Tarn Poems
21 Eduardo Paolozzi Texts
24 David Tipton Greystones
25 Peter Mandeli Etched Out
28 Paul Brown 5 Sundays
29 Oswell Blakeston Stones
30 David Carr The Wars Around Us
31 Vernon Scannel 5 Domestic Interiors
32 Jeff Nuttal Perky Poets
33 Val Warner Poem
34 Marilyn Hacker Poems
36 Carol Annand Drawings for Tripticks
44 Tom McGrath Poems
46 Barbara Riddle I'm the Girl you want to meet at the British Museum
48 Ian Clarke Party
48 Gerda Meyer In the Open Air Restaurant
49 Martin Bax Three Blurbs and a Eulogy
52 Richard Hill Poems

Drawing on the cover by Carol Annard

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