Ambit Issue 52

Ambit 52 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Martin Bax The Crucifixion Disease
  Michael Foreman Drawings
12 Phillip Sharpe The Shepherd on Love
13 Peter Porter Poems
17 Bernard Smith Cuir isteach agus fag annsin é Sydney
21 David Carr Encounter
22 James Gustafson Poems
25 Anthony Donaldson Objects
29 David Tipton Departure in Yellow
37 Arturo Laskus Drawings
40 Jim Burns Surface Matters
43 Tony Dash Notes from a Phrase Book
46 Gavin Ewart Home and Away
50 Michael Brock Poems
52 Ann Lauterbach Lyrical Leaflets
54 Ann Lauterbach Poems
56 Notes on Contributors

Artwork on cover by Anthony Donalds

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