Ambit Issue 55

Ambit 55 ISSN: 0002-6972

1 Ambit News
4 J. G. Ballard Crash
9 John Welch The Waste of It
10 Michael Foreman A Rainy Night in Indiana
14 John Welch Poems
15 Monique Rossabi A Maiden's Dream of a Lake
24 Stewart MacKinnon Drawings
29 Jannick Storm Marian, One, Body Landscape
32 Martin Horan Those Bygone days of Yore and When We Were Beat and Hip
33 Martin Bax The Group called Despair and The Group called Desperation
42 Asa Benveniste Poems
44 Gavin Ewart The End of All Scribblement
49 Kurt Benning Drawings
52 Abigail Mozley From the Ambergis Idea

Drawing on the cover by Stewart MacKinnon

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