Ambit Issue 56

Ambit 56 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 David Hockney Drawings
6 Henry Graham Painter/Poems
9 Martin Leman Primitive Ladies
13 Andrew Lanyon Objects
16 Daniella Gioseffi Poems
17 Mr Eduardo Paolozzi at work
22 Cecil Heiman Parables
26 A Baby Power Density Spectogram
27 Gerald Laing Bank and Puzzle
30 Stewart Brown Insomnia Straight
32 Suzy Gablick Things Happening
37 Gavin Ewart Three of the Boys and a Girl
40 What Marvin Cohen Carries
41 Rosalind Hodgkins Creations
44 Harri Peccinotti Photographs
49 Jim Burns Telling It How It Is
52 Arturo Laskus Views of the World
57 Asa Benveniste Dometic Poem

Artwork on cover by Eduardo Paolozzi

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