Ambit Issue 58

Ambit 58 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Henry Graham Letter to the Editor
4 Marilyn Hacker Mexican Sketches
5 Jon Bing and Tor Age Bringsvaerd Norsk Samlebilde
10 Tony Connor A Letter from Middletown, U.S.A.
12 Edwin Brock Keep Off The Grass
15 Roger E. Caess Poems
17 Kurt Benning and Rudger Joppien The O.M. Theatre of Nitsche
25 Marilyn Hacker Poems
28 Jeff Nuttall The Poltergeist
31 James Walton Paul is Dead
33 Translated by David Tipton Poems of Antonio Cisneros
35 Miles Burrows A Dream About Wittgenstein
40 David Grubb Poems
43 Martin Bax Nices Ones (review)
45 Cisneros/Tipton Hospital de Brousailles in Cannes
46 Philip Crick Poems
49 Jeff Nuttall Daddy and Little Roy (review)
50 Gavin Ewart Notes by the Way
52 Taner Baybars Poems

Artwork on cover by Kurt Benning

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