Ambit Issue 59

Ambit 59 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Alan Brownjohn Personal Acquaintances
7 Sue Jackson Poems
10 Fleur Adcock Ireland and Elsewhere (Review)
13 Sandra Campbell Drawings
16 Tony Curtis From an Unpoetic Childhood
19 Peter Reading Poems
21 D. M. Thomas Poems
23 Mike Foreman Holiday Reading
26 Nicki Jackowska Whores, Nails, Bird Woman
29 Jim Burns Oop Shoop And Honky Tonk
32 Henry Wolff The Fall
33 Mike Marais Pop Artist
34 Barbara Riddle Fraggings
42 Keith Kennedy Polareyd & Double Cross
43 Peter Edwards Objects
46 John Welch Poems
47 David Tipton East Lothian Weekend
48 Henry Graham Three Miniatures (Review)

Artwork on cover by Sandra Campbell

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