Ambit Issue 60

Ambit 60 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Edwin Brock Five ways to Kill a Battery Hen
5 Christopher Evans & Jackie Wilson Machine Gun City
9 Fleur Adcock Poems
10 Peter Barnfield Five Drawn Events
13 Edwin Morgan From The New Divan
16 Michael Benedikt Fragments from The Hotel Hell
18 Jim Burns Poems
21 Barry Cole Patterns (review)
25 Henry Graham Poems
27 Oswell Blakeston Never in Ambit
27 Jonathan Brown For Max Ernst
28 Barry Bowes Poems
30 Marcia Brown Imports (review)
32 Robert Dunsdon But Robin Hood has been Captured
33 Robert Angus Poems
35 Mike Foreman in Red China
42 Abigail Mozley Poems
45 George MacBeth Those Days at the Breakers
53 Miles Burrows Poems
55 Vernon Scanneil Peterloo Poets (review)
57 Michael Seabrook Biology
58 Jeff Nuttall Leeds
60 J. G. Ballard My Dream of Flying to Wake Island
67 Michael Seabrook Poems
68 Gavin Ewart A Very Shocking Poem etc. etc.
70 Derrick Buttress Poems
72 Dek Wynand Poems

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