Ambit Issue 62

Ambit 62 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Ivor Cutler Poems
6 Harri Peccinotti Visiting Cards
9 Barbara Riddle Some Questions for Studs Terkel
10 Miles Burrows The Whore of Babylon, Her Eye Doctor, His Mistress
17 Gavin Ewart Poems
19 Barbara Riddle Control
20 John Mole Poems
22 Arturo Laskus Drawings
27 Peter Reading Poems
29 Sue Jackson The Bishop's Ring
38 Christopher Pilling Poems
40 Jules Deelder Poems
41 Kurt Benning Eyes
44 Michael Brock On the Death of a Son
46 Gavin Ewart Vernon Scannell: Naming the Unicorn
51 Jane Duran Poems
53 Sue Jackson What Is A Good Poem (Review)
55 Abigail Mozley Poems
57 Dr John Corbett A Confidential Letter
59 Virginia Lawson Poems

Artwork on cover by Kurt Benning

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