Ambit Issue 63

Ambit 63 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 J. G. Ballard Critical Mass
   Ron Sandford Drawings
16 David Grubb Poems
18 Oswell Blakiston Where all things terminate
19 Judith McCombs Couplets
20 Ruth Fainlight Poems
22 Jamie Hobson Drawings
26 Diane Ackerman Where Paul was Born
27 Martin Bax & Eduardo Paolozzi The Vietnam Symphony
40 Mary Coles for Vladimir Zaaloff Gladys
42 Henry Graham Taking a Few Risks (review)
44 Michael Seabrook Poems
47 Gavin Ewart Country and Northern (review)
49 Don Allen Poems
50 Asa Benveniste Disparate Purposes (review)
54 Richard Freeman Poet's Prose (review)
56 Don Allen Nick sings Eurocracy
57 Gerda Meyer Poems
59 Henry Graham Poems

Artwork on cover from The Vietnam Symphony

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