Ambit Issue 64

Ambit 64 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Andrew Waterman Poems
5 Arturo Laskus Drawings
9 Anthony Edkins Cela S'est Passé
10 Vernòn Scanwell Poems
12 Miles Burrows Julia Lascietta's Left Nipple, Wittgenstein's Dentures
18 Alistair Wicker Pastorale
19 David Tipton Poems
22 Marvin Cohen Maggie Dreads Old Age, Georgio Helps Her Solve It
24 Frank Wood A Primary School in Lancashire
25 Patrick Hughes Drawings
28 John Pudney Poems
31 Jim Burns Alan Brownjohn: A Concerned Awareness
37 Ewart Milne Poems
38 Robert Angus Poems
40 Marvin Cohen Shall He Be Deemed a Martyr
45 Frank Wood Up From The Provinces
46 Martin Leman Drawings
50 Jane Duran A Question of Balance (Review)
54 Tony Connor Poems
56 Colin Nixon Fragments From a Re-Written Dictionary

Artwork on cover by Martin Leman

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