Ambit Issue 65

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Ambit 65 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Fleur Adcock Poems
5 Ian Watson The Girl Who Was Art
   Robert Macauley Drawing
11 George Macbeth Love Poems
17 Peter Blake Drawings
22 Henry Graham Poems
24 Neil Curry Visiting Time
25 Coleman Dowell The Drought Ends, from Too Much Flesh and Jabez
     Ralph Steadman Drawings
40 Rosalind Belben Poem
41 Gavin Ewart Poems
46 David Tipton Paradise for Exiles
53 Abigail Motley Poems
58 David Hockney Drawings
62 Jim Burns Poems
66 Christopher Evans & Jackie Wilson Hallo, Your Computer Calling
71 David Grubb Poems
74 Michael Foreman Come to a Party
80 Sue Jackson Call all My Lovers
84 Miles Burrows Poems
90 J Laughlin Poems
93 Notes on Authors
96 Richard Freeman Poems

Photo on cover of EUPHORIA BLISS By O.T.

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