Ambit Issue 66

Ambit 66 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Peter Porter The Delegate
5 J.G. Ballard The Life and Death of God
11 Edwin Brock Poems
14 Marilyn Hacker Sequence
17 Eduardo Paolozzi Drawings
25 George Szirtes Baroque Poems
27 Martin Bax Women in Love and Labour
32 Robert Angus I Myself Slipped the Cable
33 Arturo Laskus Drawings
41 Ivor Cutler Poems
43 E.A. Markham The Interview
44 Robert MacAuley Drawing
49 Roy Bennett Sabbath, Mill-town Style
50 Mike Seabrook Poems
55 Barry Cole Poems
57 Ron Sandford & Ballard, Bax et al The Invisible Years
65 Peter Bland Poems
68 Nicki Jackowska Dr Marbles & Marianne
73 Harry Golucky/ Gerda Mayer Cherribye Rita
74 Patrick Caulfield Six Prints 
81 Raymond Queneau / Barbara Wright The Honeymoon
93 Stewart Brown Sculptor
95 B.C. Leale Poem
    Notes on Authors

 Cover photo of Euphoria Bliss by O.T.