Ambit Issue 68

Ambit 68 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Edward Bond Poems
8 Michael Foreman Entrances and Exits
11 Joint Stock Company Yesterday's News
     Robert MacAuley Drawings
38 David Lan Poems
42 Michael McClure Ur Gorf Prologue
52 Tony Harrison Poems
53 Ron Sandford, Bax / Ballard The Invisible Years
61 Ann Jellicoe Royal Court Theatre Writers' Group
65 Helen Chadwick Costume Designs
72 Keith Johnstone Impro Book
     Michael Foreman Drawings
 90 Henry Woolf Charter a Balloon
91 Trevor Nunn Postcard to a friend
92 Bax / Wardle Theatrical Ambit
93 Deirdre Clancy Drawings for Lear
96 Notes on Authors
Cover photo of Euphoria Bliss by T.H.

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