Ambit Issue 69

Ambit 69 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Tennessee Williams Androgyne Mon Amour
4 Brian Aldiss Backwater
   Robert MacAuley Drawings
13 Adele David Building Monuments
14 Rupert Mallin Poems
17 Helen Chadwick in her Kitchen
23 Anthony Edkins Portrait of An Other Lady
24 Coleman Dowell Her Good Man Gone
32 Judith McCombs The Observers
33 I. P. Taylor Poems
35 Philip Callow Poems
37 Cornelius Cole What the U.S. Courts feel about Pornography
42 Peter Redgrove Poems
47 Jeff Nuttall Meadowgrass Writhing
57 M. Kasper Drawings
62 Alistair Fowler Poems
65 Reviews
70 R. G. Gregory Poems
73 Ron Sandford, Bax / Ballard The Invisible Years
81 Joan Michelson Poems
84 Pete Morgan Poems
88 Paul Lowinger How do they feel about Freud in Peking
93 Miles Burrows Wallace in Undie Land
Cover photo of Euphoria Bliss by O.T.