Ambit Issue 70

Ambit 70 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Tadeausz Rozewicz trans. Adam Czerniawski Regio
10 Martin Bax Five Hours to Vespers
     Michael Foreman Drawings
15 Peter Reading Poems
18 Peter Wilson Drawings
24 Jim Burns Poems
27 Taner Baybars The Fourth Caravel
     Michael Foreman Drawings
46 Henry Graham Easter Will Fall Soon
47 Fleur Adcock Poet on Poet: Dannie Abse
51 Michael Seabrook Poems
54 Bolesław Tahorski Beyond Words
55 Jim Burns Look Out, It's For Real! (review)
57 Ron Sandford The Invisible Years
65 Diana Hendry The Songs of Moll
68 Giles Gordon Letter to a Spanish Painter
70 David Ray Poems
73 Eduardo Paolozzi From The History of Nothing
81 Neil Curry For I will consider my dog Toby
82 Oswell Blakeston Bang ! Bang ! Bang !
84 Michael Benedikt Poems
86 Peter Bland Poems
87 Reviews
92 Philip Crick Poems
95 Christopher Pilling Poems
96 Notes on Authors

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