Ambit Issue 71

Ambit 71 ISSN: 0002-6772

3 J.G. Ballard The Intensive Care Unit
9 Michael Seabrook Something Cold About
10 John Pudney Poems
11 Peter Redgrove Poems
     Russell Mills Illustrations
19 Bryan Pearce Drawings
23 Charmian Hughes Alice
24 Oswell Blakeston Oh What a Beautiful Morning
25 Rosalind Belben Consideration
26 Kevin Crossley-Holland Seven Questionable Riddles
     Ralph Steadman Drawings
35 John Wakeman Poems
36 Earle Bimey A Bunch of Flowers for Wai-lan
40 Nancy Stone Take Me Out and Show Me Where the Garden Was
43 Michael Brock A Cure for Sleeping Sickness
44 George Szirtes Poems
46 Patrick Hughes Drawings
51 Jim Mangnall Poems
52 David Tipton The Bridge
56 I. P. Taylor Autobiographical Note
57 Ron Sandford / Martin Bax / J. G. Ballard The Invisible Years
65 Wes Magee Skulls
68 Mike Smith, Fleur Adcock, Jim Mangnall Reviews
73 Allan Burgis Three Found Poems
74 Russell Mills Drawings from The Supermale
80 Chris Jones Conversation Pieces
82 Brock reviews Hughes
84 Josephine Clare The Air Round the House 
86 Gavin Ewart Poems
91 Tom and Patrick Heron Three Drawings and Three Poems
94 Tandori Dezso trans. Tony Connor Sonnets
95 Notes on Authors

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