Ambit Issue 74

Ambit 74 ISSN: 0002-697

3 Emanuel Litvinoff A Further Message from D-503
   Michael Foreman Drawings
14 Jim Burns Poems
17 Janina Lech Drawings From Cold Comfort Farm
23 Vernon Scanneil Poems
25 Miles Burrows / Michael Foreman Through a Glass Darkly
35 Paul Groves Minski in a Street Cafe
36 Kevin Crossley-Holland Review of Earle Birney
40 Tony Flynn The New Dress
41 Martin Bax/ J. G. Ballard/ Ron Sandford The Invisible Years
49 Robert Angus Poems
52 Fleur Adcock / Jim Burns et al Reviews
55 Paul Edwards Poems
57 Keith Johnstone Theatre Games
64 Rupert Mallin I've Talked So Much
65 Michael Horovitz Poems
68 Keith Please Dogs
69 E. A. Markham North Westphalia
     Robert McAulay Drawing
77 David Grubb Poems
84 Martin James Consumer Correspondence
85 Michael Hülse Poems
86 Marilyn Hacker Poems
88 Janet Webber Poems
89 Reviews
91 Jack Carey Poems
94 Charmian Hughes Aristotle's Headache
95 Erratum
96 Notes on Authors

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