Ambit Issue 75

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Ambit 75 ISSN: 0002-697

2 Henry Graham Poems
4 J. G. Ballard Zodiac 2000
   Ron Sandford Drawings
11 Gunnar Harding, Anselm Hollo and Lars Lundkvist Poems
15 Fleur Adcock Poems
17 Candida Amsden Drawings
23 Tony Dash Poems
25 Edwin Brock A Confusion of Women
     Michael Foreman Drawings
32 Barry Bowes Poems
36 Martin Bax Pleasure in the Commonplace Rooms
41 Derk Wynand Metamorphosis with Squirrels
42 Philip Callow Poems
44 Stephen Dixon Buddy
     Robert McAulay Drawings
52 Herbert Lomas Poems
54 Adrian Henri An Incident at Longueville
57 Sue Jackson and Abigail Mozley Once I was Houseproud, Full of Mother's Pride
66 Gavin Ewart Poems
69 Reviews
75 Nicholas Phillips Etchings & Drawings
81 Edwin Brock reviews Peter Porter Poet on Poet
84 Derk Wynand Shallow Run
85 Nicki Jackowska Poems
87 J . G. Ballard / Martin Bax and Ron Sandford The Invisible Years
95 Notes on Authors

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