Ambit Issue 76

Ambit 76 ISSN: 0002-697

2 Peter Redgrove Poems
8 Ann Spanel Poems
9 Harriet Jillings Digging for the Great Whatsit
   Michael Foreman Drawings
15 Liz Holmes Making Love
17 Gerald Laing Sculptures
23 Coleman Dowell Partridge House
24 Miles Burrows Open up the Heaven in Your Heart
29 Philip Crick Kronos
30 Eric Mathieson Poems
32 Michael Kilraine Drawings
38 E. A. Markham Digging
41 David Grubb Poems
47 I. P. Taylor from Apertures
49 J.G. Ballard, Martin Bax and Ron Sandford The Invisible Years
57 George MacBeth The Flame of Love
61 Adcock, Crossley Holland et al Reviews
66 Joan Retallack Poems
67 Eduardo Paolozzi People
72 Sydney Bernard Smith Poems
74 Phillip Callow Red Dark Sonata
     Robert MacAulay Drawings
84 Jim Burns Paper Tiger (review)
85 Gunter Kunert trans. Agnes Stein Poems
86 Edith Lechtape, Antoine Weber Photographs
90 Lars Noren Everything is Sorted Out
91 Neil Curry et al Reviews
95 Notes on Authors

Artwork on cover by Gerald Laing 'American Girl'
Fold-In by Michael Foreman 'Out of Egypt'

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