Ambit Issue 77

Ambit 77 ISSN: 0002-697

2 Trevor Wadlow Poems
5 Steve Dixon Try Again
   Nigel Thompson Drawings
9 Edward Lowbury Poems
12 Martin Dodman Poems
13 Tina Fulker Sellotape Summer
15 Tina Fulker 11th July
16 Niel Curry Cafe Richelieu
17 Arno Jansen Photographs
21 Nicki Jackowska Poems
24 Miles Burrows The China Package
     A. Mackenzie Robinson and Fiona Bain Drawings
36 Peter Reading Poems
39 Tony Blundell Drawings
43 Joe Martindale The End is Nigh
55 Gyula Kodolanyi Bagatelles
57 Bax / Ballard / Sandford The Invisible Years
65 Anthony Edkins Poems
66 Ian McMillan Poems
69 Karl Marx Art Work
73 Michael Hulse Poems
75 Michael Bayley Poems
     David Davies Drawings
80 David Edmond Poems
82 Bax et al Reviews
87 Joan Retallack The Adventure of Dialectic
     John Short Drawing
88 Tony Connor On the Violent Death of a Dog
     Tony Watson Drawing
90 George Szirtes Poems
92 Jim Burns Reviews
94 Philip Crick Poems
     John Short Drawing
96 Notes on Authors

Artwork on cover by Michael Foreman

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