Ambit Issue 78

Ambit 78 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Peter Porter A Dozen Dozens
6 Oswell Blakeston Stories
7 Michael and Mark Foreman Spring Flyers
10 Dannie Abse Poems
12 Sue Jackson Out There
     Michael Foreman Drawing
15 Peter Blake Side Show
20 Sarah Kirsch / Agnes Stein Poems
22 Paul Winstanley Banana Skin
     Michael and Mark Foreman Drawings
27 Diana Hendry Poems
28 Lise Hilboldt Poems
33 John Short Drawings for Ubu
38 Umberto Saba / James Kirkup Poems
41 Peter Howe Poems
42 E.A. Markham We were his next Painting
44 Gerda Mayer Portrait of a Marriage
46 Judith Kazantsis Poems
48 Miles Burrows / Michael Foreman For a Few Dollars More
52 Anthony Thwaite Seventy Years a Beggar
54 Harriet Rose Poems
57 Ron Sandford / J.G. Ballard and Martin Bax The Invisible Years
65 William Peskett Poems
66 Alec Worster et al Reviews
72 Marilyn Hacker Poems
74 Mike Litherland Have Some Horror
79 Marvin Cohen from Women and Tom Gervasi
86 Martin James The Truth Can Now Be Told
88 Yann Lovelock Poems
90 Patrick Hughes et al Discards
92 Jim Burns et al Reviews
95 Notes on contributors

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