Ambit Issue 81

Ambit 81 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 James Kirkup Poems
7 Giles Gordon Ambrose's Vision
    Michael Kilraine Drawings
12 J. R. Grant The Ballad of the Cracked Weather Set
14 Eve Surgif Hunger
15 Agnes Stein Poems
16 Joan Retallack Poems
17 Helen Chadwick Objects
23 Rupert Mallin Poems
26 David Tipton Poems
28 Antonio Cisneros Poems
31 Simon Leonard 56° Dead On
41 John Ashley Joanna
42 David Grubb Poems
     Nigel Thompson Drawings
46 Various Hands Easy Chairs
49 Peter Machie The Madhouse of Love
52 Eric Mathieson Six Holy Poems
      Ron Sandford Drawings
      J. C. Maher Touareg Texts
58 Michael Moorcock Hollywood Newsletter
      Hannah Firmin Drawings
60 Andrew Darlington Newspaper Report
61 Mary Coles House Party Games Gladys
62 E. A. Markham Poems
63 Richard Evans Eviction
68 Chris Garnham Drawings
74 Anthony Edkins Poems
76 Fleur Adcock et al Reviews
80 David Goldblatt Poems
81 John Ash Poems
84 Andrew Darlington Poems
87 Neil Curry et al Reviews
91 Philip Crick Poems
94 Gavin Ewart Poems
96 Notes on Authors

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