Ambit Issue 82

Ambit 82 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Peter Porter Poems
5 Chris Orr Ruskin
11 John Gunnell Poems
15 Miles Burrows If You Give a Little More Than You're Askin For
    Cathie Felstead Drawings
26 Henry Graham Poems
    Hannah Firmin Drawings
28 Madeline Monro And Bobby Danced
29 John and Pamela Lifton-Zoline  Angels on the Head of a pin
32 Richard Freeman Poems
34 Marilyn Hacker Poems
37 Steve Dixon In Time
     C. Corr Drawings
47 Jim Burns Poems
52 Oswell Blakeston Stories
53 John Hewitt Drawings and Etchings
58 Yann Lovelock Poems
60 Ian Macmillan Poems
61 Oswell Blakeston Please Say Your Grace
63 Tartar Baybars Poems
64 Simon Leonard / Ron Sandford Poems
74 Rosario Castellanos/Maureen Ahern Poems
    Gavin Ewarts Special Section
79 Gavin Ewart / Martin Bax / Michael Foreman
88 George Szirtes Poems
90 Fleur Adcock et al Reviews
96 Notes on Authors

Artwork on cover by Chris Orr

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