Ambit Issue 83

Ambit 83 ISSN: 0002-6772

3 Peter Blake and Howard Hodgkin in California
12 David Hockney Travelling On
18 Elizabeth Bartlett Poems
21 Ron Sandford and Allan Brownjohn Selves on Sunday
27 Marvin Cohen and Mark Foreman Stories
30 Liz Holmes and Mark Foreman Poems
33 Arno Jansen Photo
34 Karl Marx Painting
35 Jasia Reichardt The Art of the Flute
38 Dieter Leven Heads
39 David Rosenberg Poems
41 Laurie Preece Twelve Sculptures
47 Marvin Cohen and Mark Foreman Gloria's Legs
51 Carolyn Gowdy Theatre of Women
58 Tony Dash and Hannah Firmin Mister Loin
62 Eduardo Paolozzi Images for J.G.B.
70 Nick Hardcastle Drawings
73 Marvin Cohen In Space
74 Prosper Dowden Grass Roots
75 Michael Foreman from West to East
81 Russell Mills Additions to Company
91 Adrian Henri Life Scenes
96 Ambit Art Number / Notes on Authors

Artwork on cover by Michael Foreman