Ambit Issue 85

Ambit 85 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Ivor Cutler Poems
    Charles Shearer Drawings
5 J. G. Ballard Landfall, at Last
   Michael Foreman Drawing
15 Geoffrey Holloway Church Bric-a-Brac
16 Tarier Baybars  Poems
17 Adrian Henri Harbour
24 Michael Hofmann Poems
26 Mike Harrison Animal Studies
30 David Grubb Poems
36 George Szirtes At the Circus
39 Geoff Nicholson Teens on Heat
     Blaise Thompson Drawings
45 Michael Hülse From Asia
48 E. A . Marham Loveprose
53 Peter Reading Poems
58 David Gibbs Drawings
63 Holly Metz America Stories/South
     Mark Foreman Drawings
70 Edward Ake In Dark Cafes
71 Edward Lowbury Holy Land
     Michael Foreman Drawings
76 Oswell Blakiston Stories
77 Jane Deverson Clothes
78 George Snow Drawings
83 Neil Curry et al Reviews
86 Carol Rumens Poems
88 Fleur Adcock From the Latin
94 Jim Burns et al Reviews
96 Notes on Authors
96 Peter Jay Gloomy Evening

Artwork on cover by Michael Foreman

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