Ambit Issue 86

Ambit 86 ISSN: 0002-6972

3 Edwin Brock Poems
7 Martin Bax Your Hands Do Not Permit An Attachment
Michael Foreman Drawings
15 Philip Crick Poems
16 Lucy Ann Watt The View
17 E. A. Markham Life after Spéracèdes
Mark Foreman Drawings
25 Tina Fulker Sale or Return
27 Joanne Smith For 'Sons and Lovers'
30 W. G. Shepherd Poems
31 Roger McGough Six Shooters
34 Michael Moorcock Letter from Hollywood
Michael Foreman Drawings
42 Madeline Monro Mice in the Cream
44 George MacBeth Poems
47 Laurie Preece Images from Israel
53 Agnes Stein Translations
54 Reviews Christopher Logue Adrian Henri
56 N. S. Thompson Lyrics trans. Simultaneist
59 Robert Clark Etchings
62 Diana Hendry Poems
65 Brock - Neil Curry - Poet on poet
69 John Gunnell Roentgen 4
70 John Gibbens Poems
72 Poetry Reviews Curry et al.
75 Oswell Blakeston Poems
76 Rod Judkins The Girls
81 Malcolm McGregor Pointing
84 Paul Brown Dioscuri
Ron Sandford Drawings
82 Nicki Jackowska Poems
92 Prose Reviews Jim Burns et al
96 Notes on Authors

Cover drawing by Michael Foreman

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