Ambit Issue 87

Ambit 87 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 J. G. Ballard News From The Sun
Mark Foreman Drawings
29 Rod Judkins Meditations on Ballard
32 Elizabeth Bartlett Poems
35 Nick Cudworth and Bernard Moxham New Textbook of Anatomy
43 Vivian Levick Marriage Lines
44 Gay Clifford Poems
46 Richard M. Evans Ending in America
54 Bernard Smith Georgie Sydney
56 Jane Deverson Poems
57 Ralph Steadman Drawing
58 Wes Magee Poems
59 Alan Marks Drawings
63 Judith Kazantzis Poems
66 Jim Burns reviews Roy Fisher
68 Reviews of Pamphlets
73 Gavin Ewart Poems
Christine Simpson Drawing
76 Tom Stone Share
Ron Sandford Drawing
79 Neil Curry Reviews
81 James Berry Young Woman Reassesses
82 Wes Magee Poem
83 Anne Howeson Drawings
87 Edward Lowbury Morgan's Dreams
88 Notes on Authors

Cover by Mark Foreman