Ambit Issue 88

Ambit 88 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Henry Graham Bomb
    Pat Naylor drawings
6 Robert Mason Drawings
10 Coleman Dozuell Prison Visiting
    Mark Foreman drawings For the Liberty
20 Jeff Nuttall Belles
23 Marvin Cohen Parties - Be Our Guest
    Gillian Bradley drawings
26 Alice Fulton Two Cries and a Clutch
27 George Snow Drawings
32 Anthony Edkins Poems
34 Stephen Dixon Never Ends
41 E. A. Markham New Year 1982
42 Linda Rahm Poems
44 Carol Ann Duffy / Henry Graham Poet on Poet (Review)
47 C. A. de Lomellini Poems
51 Marvin Cohen Parties Again
     Gillian Bradley drawings
54 David Grubb Poems
59 Ian Pollock Drawings
63 Anthony Howell Poems
65 Michael Moorcock Letter from Hollywood (3)
72 An Ambit Appeal
73 Chris Orr Historical Parties
80 Fleur Adcock and Jim Burns Reviews
85 Edward Lowbury Poems
88 Gavin Ewart and Martin Bax Reviews
90 Edward Lowbury Cures
91 Marvin Cohen Party Progressing
94 John Ash American Bagatelles
96 Notes on Authors

Cover Drawing Mark Foreman

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