Ambit Issue 89

Ambit 89 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Fleur Adcock Poems
7 Rod Judkins Golden Ladies
   Rod Judkins Drawings
21 Robert Angus Poems
24 Herman Alvarado Prints
28 Oswell Blakeston Stories
29 Michael Moorcock Letter from Hollywood IV
34 Allan Burgis Running the Gauntlet
35 Andrew Lanyon Collages
38 Carol Rumens Poems
40 Coleman Dowell The Bird Me My Lady
42 John Gunnell Arachnid Entries in Cinnabar
44 Peter Finch The Final Beach
    Mark Foreman Drawings
50 Robert Hamberger Lost Friday
51 Tony Dash Poems
54 John Cotton Catullus at Sirmio
56 Lucy Ann Watt Poems
    Charles Shearer Drawings
59 Judith Kazantzis and Irving Weinman The Peasant and the Ogre
62 Geoffrey Holloway  Grass
63 George Szirtes Poems
65 Andrea Zanzotto The Mystery of Pedagogy
68 Jim Burns et al Reviews
74 Christopher Menkel trans. Agnes Stein Poems
76 Clare Jarrett Drawings
80 Alberto Mario Moriconi Poems
     Pat Naylor Drawing
84 Rosalind Belben Variations on a Theme of Goethe
     Ron Sandford Drawings
87 Nicki Jackowska Poems
90 Henry Graham Bomb
     Mike Foreman Drawing
92 Gavin Ewart / Martin Bax Ace of Spades
94 Stewart Brown Poem
95 Notes on Authors

Cover drawing Ralph Steadman
Design Alan Kitching

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