Ambit Issue 90

Ambit 90 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Gavin Ewart Poems
   Mark Foreman Drawing
6 Arturo Laskus Drawings and Sculptures
13 Jason Weiss Poems
14 Peter Porter Poems
18 Ruth Fainlight Poems
19 Geoff Nicholson Burning Her End with Both Candles
24 Robert Floyd Visual Scenes
28 Jim Burns Poems
33 Marvin Cohen Two Old People's private Happiness
36 Alan Harris  Poems
38 Judith Kazantsis Poems
41 Trevor Wadlow Voices
     Ron Sandford Drawing
50 Martin Bax Happy Apples (review)
51 Nicholas Phillips Drawings
58 C. A. de Lomellini Poems
62 Garry Kilworth Oubliette
     Mark Foreman Drawing
67 Edward Ake Poems
69 Bryan Pearce Drawings
73 Adcock et al Reviews
82 Peter Reading Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawings
86 Bernard Smith What Is To Be Done Sydney
88 Tina Fulker Sale or Return
89 Julie Whitby Poem
90 Jim Burns Reviews Herbert / Lomas
93 Harry Fainlight Letter To The Editor
94 Henry Graham Bomb
96 Ron Sandford Portraits 1

Cover by Alan Kitchen and Michael Foreman

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