Ambit Issue 92

Ambit 92 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Martin Bax Ambit's Entry into Liverpool
3 Henry Graham Bomb
4 Mark Foreman Eichmann
6 Don McKinlay Drawings
8/9 Ron Sandford in Liverpool
11 Jim Mangnall from the Map Maker
     Laura Knight Drawings
24/25 Ron Sandford in Liverpool
26 Adrian Henn Cat
33 Joe McCoy Jones Saturday Afternoon
35 Beryl Martindale Real People
36 Henry Graham A Quote and A Comment
37 Dinah Dossor Poems
40/41 Ron Sandford in Liverpool
42 Paul Evans The Greenhouse Suite
43 Peter Bailey  Drawings
36 Paul Evans Poems
47 Matt Simpson Poems
50 Jeff Nuttall Work in Progress
56/57 Ron Sandford in Liverpool
58 Brian Patten The Obsolete Nightingale
62 Maurice Cockrill Drawings
67 Carol Ann Duffy Poems
70 Cole / Burns/ Wright Pool Poets
74 Brian Wake Into Hiding
75 Tony Dash Sporting with Samuel Beckett
      Jon Pratty Drawings
81 Christine Tongue In the Clubs
86 Mary Coles from the Snowbird Sequence Gladys
88 John Sweetman Poems
91 Geoffrey Ward Declaration/Drugs
94 Ron Sandford Four Ambit Portraits
97 Peter O'Halligan Poems
98 Adrian Henri Martians Go Home
101 Margaret McConaghy The Burial
102 Kit Wright The Losing of Liverpool
104 Roger McGough Poems

Cover picture - pokerwork- found by Ron Sandford on a board blocking a warehouse gate in Liverpool Docks
Put onto Ambit's Cover by Derek Birdsall.

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