Ambit Issue 93

Ambit 93 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 James Laughlin Poems
 11 Katherine Xavier Poems
 Laura Knight Drawings
 22 Felicity Napier Poems
 23 Elizabeth Pyle Drawings
 27 N. S. Thompson Pasolini Poems
 Mark Foreman Portrait
 30 Tina Fulker Entry Form
 Christine Tongue Drawing
 32 Ewart Milne Jacob's Ladder Maybe
 33 Chris Garnham Images
 41 Robert Angus Poems
 47 Nicki Jackowska The Road to Ore
 Clare Jarrett Drawings
 56 Philip Crick An Angel Arrives
 57 Peter Bland Poems
 58 Alasdair Paterson The Floating World
 60 Lomas / Ewart / Curry / Bax Reviews
 69 Edwin Morgan Goddesses
 70 Allen Jones Sculptured Paintings
 75 Herbert Lomas Poems
 78 J. New Six Pieces
 Mark Foreman Drawing
 82 Harry Fainlight Last Poem
 83 Hume Cronyn Poems
 Karen Caldicott Drawing
 88 Dave Calder Poems
 89 Tony Dash Apology
 91 Gavin Ewart Poems
 Michael Foreman / Ralph Steadman
 96 Ron Sandford Gavin Ewart


Ambit designed by Derek Birdsall and Alan Kitching

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