Ambit Issue 94

Ambit 94 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 E. A. Markham Lambchops in Papua New Guinea
 5 Jim Mangnall from The Map Maker
 Laura Knight Drawings
 18 John Gunnell The domain of Doctor Paul
 19 Graham Ward Drawings
 15 Edwin Brock Poems
 Michael Foreman Drawing
 28 Oswell Blakeston Stories
 30 Alan Sillitoe Poems
 32 Roger Loncke Untitled Letter
 34 Valerie Sinason Cinderella
 35 Steve Dixon Moving On
 Robert MacAuley Drawing
 47 George MacBeth Poems
 Mark Foreman Drawing
 50 Andrew Lanyon Drawings
 54 Terence Heywood Poems
 55 C. A. de Lomellini Poems
 58 Coleman Dowell Wool Tea
 68 Gillian Allnutt Bicycles
 Robert MacAuley Drawings
 75 Adcock / Burns Reviews
 81 Yann Lovelock Poems
 84 Karl Vennberg Poem
 86 Rod Judkins Drawings
 90 Patricia Pogson Poems
 92 Nicky Rice Poems
 94 Alan Harris The Daffodil Man

Ambit designed by Derek Birdsall and Alan Kitching
Cover photo by Charles Roff

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